Like a train wreck of rolling thunder that is the migraine headache you’ve had for a week now.  We are…

The Band


This is not a real band. This is a demonstration website to show our customers our web design skills. Please do not attempt to contact us for Tour Dates or ask about the goofy things you see here that do not exist. Though we are flattered if you actually saw this as an up and running band website. This just means we do good work and we can do the same for you!!  Contact Us

About this Website

It is powered by WordPress and the theme is a Mobile Friendly, Responsive Theme created by CastleRain Web Design.  This is showcase both of those items and how hand it is to have a dynamic website that the person who owns it can update and control it without paying someone to do it for them.  You’ll notice the posts, news or blogs are not on the front page.  By default they are, but you can change that as shown here.

From the Fans