It’s amazing we wrote 36 complete songs within minutes.  We are either super geniuses or you’re in a lot of trouble.

I'm In

I’m In

  1. Collision Course
  2. Wrecked-um’
  3. Laser Tag Dancing
  4. My Shorts Hurt
  5. Liquid Heat in my “Athletic Supporter”  (blame the lawyers)
  6. Socks on Fire – Kings of Leon Cover
  7. Dirty Bandage
  8. River Pee-Pee Dance
  9. Crab Shack Blues
  10. Porta Potty Notty (Don’t ask)
  11. Is it supposed to look like that?
  12. What the hell did you eat?

Snot RocketsSnot Rockets

  1. Who ate my green crayon?
  2. It’s green, I don’t think it’s safe to eat.
  3. Fresh Picked
  4. Homemade Fireworks
  5. Doin’ Dishes
  6. I swear we never kissed.  (Put down the gun)
  7. I swear we never kissed.  (The duck and cover remix)
  8. Fly Fishing
  9. Christmas in September
  10. Delaware the Beautiful
  11. The new American Anthem
  12. That button looks dangerous

Ants in Our PantsAnts in Our Pants

  1. Who numbered this record?
  2. I know an Old Lady
  3. Peter Piper did WHAT?? with his peppers???
  4. Can’t say that on the radio
  5. You can’t make me
  6. Afraid of needles
  7. Swamp Ass Blues
  8. Pool Party
  9. Who let the dogs in?  We don’t have any pets.
  10. Hairy Cheeks
  11. Rabbit hunting with Ducks
  12. Master of my own ruin
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