BandWe are The Band.  We formed from the Nether back in 2014 and play like we’ve been around for ages.  Our style pretty much matches with whatever is going through your mind right about now.  So you know you like our music!

Shouts Alabaster

We’re never quite sure if he’s singing or yelling or just talking to his native people very loudly.  In any case, he always sounds good.


He’s the guitar player.  No he doesn’t have a last name.  He said he’s going for the one name thing like Prince or Madonna.   Yeah we don’t get it either.  He plays good and shows up for practice.  What more could you ask for?

The Other Bill

He’s the bass player and sometimes keyboards.  He also wanted to be a one name act, but then he started calling himself “The Other Bill” to save confusion.  We just haven’t had the heart to tell him it’s not one word anymore.

Skins McGee

Drummer.  Why is it we always list the drummer last?  He’s the beat we follow.  But no he’s in the back, and last listed.  Seems unfair if you ask me.

From the Fans