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As computer users, developers, gamers, and all around geeks, we could never figure out why when you get a computer, it's either price or quality; but never both. Thus we did some reasearch and realized you can get a kick-ass PC for all that you do at a decent cost. First, you cut down on the flash and flair and use simple but cool blue lit cases. You only use quality parts, such as Intel, Nvidia, Kingston, Western Digital, Acer (monitors) and a select few others. Then you install a quality operating system like Windows 10 plus Classic Shell. Load it up with the latest and heavily tested freeware and voilĂ !

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Remote Support

If you have a possible simple issue that could be simply resolved or an issue you'd like to show us without bringing in your PC or debating if you need an onsite call, you can use our remote support option. Click the image to find out how.

Remote Support

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This is an example website done in HTML 5. Time involved in creating the template, custom graphics and adding content is about 4 - 7 hours of time involved. This website is also Mobile Friendly! If you are interested in having me do work for your website, contact me.

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