Multimedia Networking

Multimedia Networking is the best way to digitalize your life at home. This puts in a mixed network in your home that can do a multitude of networking tasks that you pick and choose.

We can give you a free in-home assessment and give you the ability to become 100% digital!

Movies and Music

Imagine your entire DVD and Music library digitalized on a server that you can watch on your TV or any PC in the home at a few clicks of a remote control or mouse.

Online Movies and Television

Picture being able to watch new and old movies and television shows completely commercial free online using Netflix or Amazon in any room in the house. At any time!

Telephone Service

Ditch that old expensive telephone service and get international unlimited calling with Vonage. Just have us install it and you can enjoy phone calls around the world for a low monthly rate!

File Sharing

Have us install a server where you can backup your computers and share files on that you can access on any machine in the home and while you are away on business or pleasure!

This is just some of the things we can do for you, call us and find out more!

Multimedia Network

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Remote Support

If you have a possible simple issue that could be simply resolved or an issue you'd like to show us without bringing in your PC or debating if you need an onsite call, you can use our remote support option. Click the image to find out how.

Remote Support

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