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The price of your computer should not be skyrocketed by adding software to the system. Between an Office Suite, Photo Editor and various other programs like Antivirus you can already tack on hundreds of dollars to the price of your new PC. Our crack team of researchers have come up with a total freeware package plan that will keep you protected and give you loads of productivity possiblities!

As with most freeware or open source software these days, developers can't rely on donations alone. Thus their installers will include offers for toolbars or other software and games. This gives the developer a "kick-back" usually monetarily. Please read the steps of the installers carefully so you don't end up with unwanted toolbars, software or games. While we can vouch for the software we promote with the links here, we can't vouch for any "includes" during installation. Do yourself a favor and read as you install and you'll be OK. If you have questions, you can always contact us.


  • VirtualBox - You can run OS's and software in a safe environment on your computer. Great for learning and development.

Image Viewers and Editors




  • WPS Office - Microsoft Office Clone that is in many ways better than MS Office.  (I highly recommend you buy a lifetime license, it is worth it :) )
  • Notepad ++ - Free replacement to notepad, and code editor.


  • Malwarebytes - Free version does urge you to buy for $24.95 and only the registered version does active protection and scheduled scanning. Free version, you must manually update and scan.

System Utilities

  • BurnAware - A free easy way to make CD's / DVD's and Blu-Ray Burns.
  • CCleaner - A great way to get rid of junk/temp files and clean up useless entries in your registry safely.
  • Classic Shell - Best desktop start menu solution for Windows 8.1!
  • Directx 9 Redistributable June 2010 Edition - Loads of older PC games still require this.
  • Speccy - is a handy little program that tells you everything (including your product key for Windows) you want to know about your PC as well as usages and temps of supported hardware.
  • TeamViewer - is a simple and very flexible remote assistance tool. Loads of features! Free for personal use only.
  • UDPixel - Got a flat-screen? This helps find dead or fix stuck pixels.
  • WinSCP - A open source free SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client and SCP client.
  • Zipware - A simple and free ZIP/UnZIP utility software. Opens many file types (7-zip, RAR, Tar, etc.). Zips to .zip and .7z.

** Software for Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 & 10

While all the software on this page is free to download from the internet, there are programmers who work very hard to make this software for you. Please consider donating to them if you plan to use their software. Or buy the full versions if you can.

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